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Our Club was formed in 1963 and recently transitioned into an independent non-profit organization. In keeping with its initial purpose of offering members with like-minded interest opportunities to learn and share their knowledge, our eclectic membership are all passionate about preserving the natural beauty of Florida and supporting local youth education and civic needs. Fellowship and camaraderie while working on promotional or fund-raising projects are what we are about! Funds raised are donated for student scholarships, supporting special youth programs involving education in Nature Studies, Horticulture, Conservation or any other ‘Green Science’ projects. We also support Youth Gardening to enable them to learn the skills of raising food locally for distribution to the needy. Considerable funds are also donated for local civic programs in the form of promoting and nurturing natural flora and fauna – bugs, bees, butterflies, birds – wild beauties large and small are all favorites for Club monetary support! For personal education, our monthly 9:30 am meetings (3rd Wednesday) September through May center on growing plants suited to our semi tropical Zones 9-10 in a practical and environmentally safe way and it is when we also share information, plants and cuttings. Regardless of your gardening experiences or garden size, we invite you to come meet us!

Visitors are always welcome!

Meetings are typically held at El Dorado Clubhouse, One El Dorado Pkwy., Plantation, FL, 33317, with some exceptions. Please check under the Calendar of Events link for details.

To Grow Them … Is to Love Them”   

To download the Mini-Grant Application, please click here.

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