Partnerships within the city have always been a part of the mission of the Plantation Garden Club. As the Club looks to the future, growth is envisioned and environmental awareness will become more critical in South Florida. As we move forward, the Plantation Garden Club will continue to provide public awareness of the sensitivity of our environment, the importance of restoring our Everglades, and the necessity of maintaining a clean air and water supply. This has resulted in the establishment of a new tradition in the form of supporting schools with mini-grants for environmental projects.

$250.00 mini-grant awards are offered to qualifying and deserving school projects related to the following: environmental science subjects i.e. agriculture; organic purity of foods, oceanography, fish farming, landscape architecture or design, conservation of forestry, waterways, protection of native wildlife, ecology, animal science, meteorology and global climate matters, air quality improvement, protection of endangered species, water quality and conservation, marine biology, ecology or similar subjects. Project leaders will fill out and apply for mini-grants, which will be awarded as early in the year as possible. The Education Committee will determine the final awards and notify project leaders on or before November 1. Students will be asked to complete projects by the end of June and send pictures and/or a written statement about the results to the Education Committee.

To download the mini-grant application in editable (MS Word) form, click here.. Complete this and return via e-mail to Georgia Brown at

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